Mrs. Leyla Nagiyeva: I am a personal assistant to the President of Gunay Equestrian Sports Club located in Baku, Azerbaijan. We thank you for sending us your magazine, which we get every month. In spite of the fact that Arabian horses are not so popular in our country, we read your magazine with great interest. We also thank you for publishing the information about our participation at the Polish Auction and our purchase of the wonderful stallion Gafal there. We have been lucky with this stallion.

Kathy Powell, Warrenton, Missouri: I, too, was fortunate to attend the Horse and Camel Festival in Oman (see this issue, page 113). Oman has been a secret for many years. My friends from Syria, Kuwait, the Emirates and Qatar told me stories about Oman. As children, when they misbehaved they would be threatened with being sent to Oman as a punishment. They were told that Oman was filled with witches and ogres that would scare little children or worse! As adults these same people had never visited their neighbor Oman.
The Festival on January 1, 2006, changed a lot of people’s minds. Coming in from around the world were horsemen, camel enthusiasts, and a cast of thousands to put on a spectacle that none of us will forget. The Festival itself was awe-inspiring. Incredible feats on horseback, so many cultural aspects of our beloved horses featured, a parade of mares that left me drooling. It went on and on.
As spectacular as the Festival was, the country of Oman outshone it. Oman is the cleanest country I have ever seen. No one would imagine spoiling the beauty by throwing a cigarette butt out of a car — never mind the odd refrigerator that gets dumped around my home county! The roads are perfect: beautifully maintained, well lit and marked. There is a continuity of architecture that gives the country a cohesiveness and a strong Omani identity. On the coast the rugged volcanic hills tumble to an azure sea. Clean water, birds, and fish thriving and at night, phosphorescent waves!
Maybe Oman is enchanted. I’ll leave you with one piece of advice — if someone asks you to wager against the reality of a dancing camel, do not take the bet.

Dana Lanbrecht, Kerman Future Farmers of America, Kerman, California: I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you on behalf of the entire Kerman Agriculture Department. As a four-year member of our agriculture program, I would just like to let you know that your support to us has been wonderful. The Arabian Horse World magazine and calendars help us to be able to sit back and relax from our many activities. There are students in the program who have been using the pictures in your magazine to practice their drawing skills, and they enjoy it greatly. Thank you. We truly appreciate it.

Leo Germain, Calgary, Alberta, Canada: If a new horse show starts, that’s what it will be — just another horse show. The same people who make and break all the rules will show up, claim their prizes, and leave with their holier-than-thou attitude, leaving all the newcomers with such a bad impression of “Arabian people,” we will still be in the same position we are now in. At the Master’s in Spuce Meadows, Calgary, I overheard a group of people talking about “those crazy Arab people, and what they do to their horses.” We will never bring new people in when the horsemanship displayed by trainers is so harsh. The best thing you can do for the Arabian horse is to stop breeding and abusing these poor animals. Go to the barns and ask riders why they are not riding Arabians. They will tell you Arabians are just too crazy. This is how the trainers have helped Arabian horses.

Doug Barker and Woody Marshall, Palo Cedro, California: We are pleased to renew a subscription for our dear friend and mentor, Mrs. Aloha Leiby Sanchez. She has been a breeder under the name Badi Arabians for many, many years in Southern California. Now as a widow she is in an assisted care home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. At 88 years young, she still waits for her next edition of your wonderful magazine. With the aid of magnification she pores over every page and article to glean all the latest information. Even though she no longer can breed or own horses, she really enjoys reading about the latest fads and news. I’m sure she sees many of her old friends in your book. She shares her knowledge with all of the fine nursing staff and even sends her used books to a young person who is just getting started in the breed (she says she is recycling her books). I’m sure any cards from former friends and clients would be appreciated. She is a wonderful lady, a great friend, and a second mom to both of us.
Just maybe you could mention her address somewhere in the World? It is Mrs. Aloha Leiby Sanchez, The Four Seasons, 860 E. Dalton (Winter house-Room A #12), Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815. Editor’s note: Here’s hoping that Mrs. Sanchez inspires many more Arabian enthusiasts.

2/28/06 15:22