An accumulator bet is simply an individual bet that is made up of single bet collection. For this kind of bet to be successful, every single bet in this accumulator bet should be a win. An accumulator bet can be as little as two or three best selection for an individual and there normally exists no upper limit as you can still bet even up to 30 best choices you can like if you wish. Potential payout of accumulator bets are considerably higher than the other regular bets as odds will turn to raise the more the selection you make.

The best part of an accumulator bet is that an individual will have a chance to lower risks of winning and increase chances of winning. You also obviously on the other hand increase the likelihood of losing a bet as the bet will be termed to have been lost with only one selection losing.

Horse racing accumulator bets

In this, if the bet includes like for instance six horses in the bet to win and it chances that one of it eventually declared a non-runner, then you bet is downgraded to a five-fold bet and also your original potential winnings downgraded to the combination off of the remaining selections of five horses.

Each-way betting is an alternative bet type in horse racing accumulator. This is a two-part bet that has been designed to ensure there is something punters will get back if it chances that their runners fail to make a win. The standard accumulator bet is the first part of this type of betting whereby you place one bet on five or more choices to register a win in their races.

The other part of an each-way accumulator is where a single bet placed on every selection you need to place. Your bookmaker normally determines the number of places. The odds for this are normally quarter of odds to register a win in the race. You can see here that this strategy has ensured if the bet fails to register a win by maybe one runner, you can still make a tidy profit if the runner places still.

Calculating accumulator bets

For this, a horse racing accumulator calculator is used to work out a bettor’s bet returns. It is free to use by any individual. It normally calculates the amount you might win or you have won.

Using this calculator, you can choose from four to ten selections. Choosing ten selections can be a lot but then there are punters out there who can make up to 15 selections each time the place a bet.

How to use this calculator

You need to first enter the amount of stake you will use in the first box

Select NR, each-way or Rule 4 if any of it applies

Then key in the odds of your selection in each box

Select either NR/Win/Lose/Place for each

Lastly hit the calculator to view your winning amount.

This calculator has been designed to make it easy for use by those who use it. For people using mobile devices, they are advised to use in landscape mode.