New AHA Registrations Decline in Purebreds, Increase in Half/Anglo-Arabians

The Arabian Horse Association reported a total of 7,861 new purebred Arabian horse registrations in 2005. This total represents a decrease from the previous year, where 7,880 new purebred registrations were recorded. Of the 2005 total, 3,164 were registrations for new 2005 foals.

AHA Registrar, Debbie Fuentes notes that many foals born in one year often won’t be officially registered with AHA until the subsequent year. “We currently have more than 2,000 new ‘05 foal registrations still pending. These foals will show up as being registered in 2006.”

Also, there were 4,182 new Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian registrations in 2005, representing a 15 percent increase over 2004, which totaled 3,627.

In addition to the total number of new horse registrations in 2005, AHA processed 15,156 transfers of ownership for purebreds and 4,823 for Half/Anglo Arabians. In 2004, a total of 15,141 purebred ownership transfers were recorded, while 3,461 transfers were recorded for Half/Anglo-Arabians.

The AHA amnesty program offered half-price registration rates from September 1 2005 to March 1, 2006. The amnesty special offered applicants a $250 registration rate, instead of the normal $500 rate.

“I sincerely believe we will begin to see encouraging numbers as we aggressively promote our breed and offer new incentive programs for our members,” says AHA President Myron Krause.

AHA also offered amnesty programs in 2002, as well as in the last quarter of 2004 going into the first quarter of 2005. In 2002, new purebred registrations totaled 9,394, with 18,003 purebred transfers of ownership. New purebred registrations have decreased each year since, while registrations of Half-Arabians and Anglo-Arabians has fluctuated, peaking in 2005.

Purebred Registrations

2005            –            7,861                         (Amnesty year)

2004            –            7,880                         (Amnesty year)

2003            –            8,171

2002            –            9,394                         (Amnesty year)

2001            –            9,266

2000            –            9,660

1999            –            11,501

1998            –            11,320

1997            –            11,594

1996            –            11,645

1995            –            12,398

1994            –            12,962

1993            –            12,349

1992            –            12,544

1991            –            12,993

1990            –            17,676

1989            –            21,723

1988            –            24,569

1987            –            26,421

1986            –            28,283

1985            –            30,004

New Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Registrations

2005            –            4,180                         (Amnesty year)

2004            –            3,627                         (Amnesty year)

2003            –            4,004

2002            –            3,541                         (Amnesty year)

2001            –            3,793

Purebred Transfers of Ownership

2005            –            15,156

2004            –            15,141

2003            –            16,003

2002            –            18,033

2001            –            19,037

2000            –            20,666

1999            –            22,134

1998            –            22,297

1997            –            22,268

1996            –            23,173

1995            –            24,818

1994            –            26,877

1993            –            26,873

1992            –            28,835

1991            –            31,130

1990            –            32,538

1989            –            36,043

1988            –            37,413

1987            –            37,136

1986            –            35,006

1985            –            35,746

Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Transfers of Ownership

2005            –            4,823

2004            –            3,461

2003            –            4,356

2002            –            4,230

2001            –            4,125

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Jay Stream, 1921-2006

Former president of WAHO and IAHA and renowned Arabian horse breeder, Jay Stream, died on January 22, 2006 at his winter home in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was 84.

A highy successful businessman, land developer and banker, Stream was best known to Arabian Horse World readers as founder of Greengate Farms in San Luis Obispo, California, home of stallions *Ibn Moniet El Nefous (*Morafic x Moniet El Nefous), Fadjeyn (Fadjur x Surra), *An Malik (Galero x Ispahan), *El Moraduke (Galero x Fatima), and *GG Samir (Jacio x Alhaja).

Stream served as IAHA President from 1969 to 1970 where he created the Ethical Practices Review Board and assisted in establishing the first IAHA Handbook. Stream also worked with AHSA in developing a drug-testing program for show horses, and created IAHA’s Junior Judges program. Under Stream’s guidance, the World Arabian Horse Association (WAHO) was formed as an international organization whose purpose was in part to maintain the purity of Arabian horses worldwide. Stream assisted in drafting WAHO’s constitution, and served as its president from 1972 to 2003.

“Through his hard work, commitment, determination, dedication, wisdom and courage, he held us all together in his own, inimitable way. He was our founding father, and his passing is a great loss to us all,” says Katrina Murray of WAHO.

Stream is survived by his wife, Dorothy, four children, three grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Dorothy, his daughter Linda, granddaughter Christie and longtime stud manager Laurie Thomsen will carry on the Arabian horse tradition at Greengate Farms.

See Arabian Horse World’s tribute to Jay in the April 2006 issue.

Victoria Arabian Championship Show, Tatura Events Complex, Victoria, Australia, October 29, 2005

by Cindy Reich

Although the state of Victoria, Australia, was experiencing a drought, you wouldn’t have known it from the rain that fell incessantly during the entire show. Fortunately it was held indoors at the Tatura showgrounds and show manager Katherine McMahon and her committee coped by splitting the arena down the middle with halter on one side, and ridden classes going on the other. The show was well attended and the quality of the horses exhibited was quite deep. The show started at midday and went well into the night. As did the rain! However, no one complained about the “liquid gold” falling from the sky.

One of the stars of the show was the bright chestnut purebred yearling colt champion Mulahn (MB Mayal [imp. US] x Avondale Montoya) owned by Westacres and Avondale Stud. He trotted into the ring as if he owned it and thought highly of himself and he showed well. The sire Shakla’s Fame N Fortune (SK Shakla Khan [imp. US] x Joda Abela) seemed to be doing the job: He sired both the winner of the large purebred Gelding Four Years Old and Over class won by Electric Dreams (x Secret Love) and the winner of the yearling filly class Cedarwood Lodge Bint Navinka (x D’Amors Navinka Shaklan), both owned by Serenity Park.

The winner of the purebred Arabian Fillies Two to Three Years Old class was the extraordinary chestnut Bluegrass Easy Lovin’ (D’Amors Saabi-Khan x Bluegrass Love Me Tender), owned by Bluegrass Arabians. She was the star of the entire show in the purebred division, easily winning the Supreme Mare Championship. She was simply stunning and her extreme type, style, and balance made her a delight to judge. There were a number of U.S. imported stallions who sired winners, such as SK Shakla Kahn who sired the winner of the purebred Arabian Colt Two and Three Years Old class, KA Shahal (x Halina Shaklan [imp. US]) making this Aussie colt American-bred! He is owned by Kaferthal Arabians. Furthermore, the winner of the Senior Stallion class Four Years Old and Over was won by D’Amors Abdullah (Om El Abadan [imp. US] x Amira El Saghira), owned by Jesris and Kharine Arabians. This stallion went on to win the Supreme Stallion Championship, narrowly beating out the young Mulahn.

Additionally, I would like to mention that the winner of the Anglo-Arabian Mare or Filly Two Years Old or Older halter class Double TT Masquerade (Penmarric Killarney x Bolagamy Verity), owned by Nicole Whitby, also won the toughest and largest ridden class, the Sue Kavanagh Memorial, under Western Australia judge Kerry Wilson, proving that the horses Down Under can be halter champions in one class and ridden champion in the next. That is the way it should be!

The Derivative classes were outstanding with the Supreme Male Derivative, Arabian Pony Stallion Castileon Park Winning Edge (Arabian Park Triumph x Fairlight Acres Larina), owned by Castileon Park, winning my heart as well as the class. He was a perfect example of an Arabian pony, with extreme type, yet masculine as a stallion should be. He was perfectly proportioned, structurally correct, and his action was superb. He was worth special mention.
Finally, history was made both at this show and shortly afterward when I became the first American judge ever in Australia to “talk” each class at a National show. The second bit of history was being in attendance at the Melbourne Cup with the members of the show committee when the incredible Thoroughbred mare, Makybe Diva, won the Melbourne Cup for an unprecedented third time! No horse in history has ever accomplished this feat, never mind a mare! The entire country stopped to watch this race and you couldn’t help but sit in awe as this game mare trotted back down the track after her win, ears forward, reins draped on her neck and her jockey sobbing with emotion. A grand day out on all accounts!

Seventh Annual Lake Oroville

Vista Endurance Ride
by Kasey E. Jones

Since 1999 the Northern Buttes District Lake Oroville Mounted Assistance Unit has sponsored the Lake Oroville Vista Endurance Ride. Also known as the L.O.V.E. Ride, it has truly been a labor of love for the approximately 30 members of the unit and their families who help in some capacity to run the event. The popularity of this ride is evident in that it has become the second largest endurance ride in the West Region behind the Western States 100 Miles One Day Trail Ride (The Tevis Cup).

The weather magic of ride manager Kathy Papa held true again this year — after a week and a half of rain and threatening weather, ride day dawned bright and clear. Distances were either 30 or 50 miles and 143 horses started the ride. At 6:00 a.m. 78 riders began the 50-mile ride, including four juniors, and 72 riders finished; at 7:00 a.m. 65 horses started the 30-mile ride with four juniors, two of whom finished in the top ten. Forty-six riders completed the 30-mile ride.

The top 50-miler was Kassandra DiMaggio, Greenville, California, riding Buck Mtn Wind Prince (Buck Mountain Bez x Sahara Dawning), a nine-year-old Half-Arabian bay gelding, with a winning time of 5 hours 47 minutes. The top junior, Micheala Anderson on CRM Xpressions (Baskwydion x Djessikha), came in at 23rd place in 8 hours 4 minutes. Seventh-place finisher Kathie Perry, riding ARR Heartbreaker (Arribba x Gretna Green), won the Best Condition award. Fifty-miler Kristine Hartman was excited — on this ride she accomplished 2,500 completion miles on her 17 1/2-year-old chestnut mare FS Amber (Bellbar SHX Gold x Bellbar Shx Lilly). She’s been competing on this horse for the last ten years and has completed seven 100-mile rides (five Tevis rides and two Virginia City 100s). Kristine will retire FS Amber from 100-mile events after this year.

With her winning time of three hours 52 minutes, Deanna Guinasso, Redding, California, won the 30-miler on her five-year-old bay gelding RGR Flashfire (NV Elite x Kkiss Of Fire). Nine-year-old Colton Deaver, also from Redding, California, was the first junior to cross the finish line. He came in fifth place, finishing in four hours 17 minutes riding his 20-year-old Morgan/Welsh gelding Keako. Sheila Burnes, first-time endurance event rider, was surprised and pleased with her third-place finish. She rode her 11-year-old gelding Sequoia FOA (Red Hawk x *Humorada). Renie Burnett won Best Condition in the 30-mile ride on Czentinel (A Sentry x Czapranka). She last rode in the initial L.O.V.E. Ride in 1999 on someone else’s horse and won Best Condition then also.

Because volunteers are the backbone of this event, ride organizers initiated a new “Top Hand Awards” this year to recognize and show appreciation for the wonderful volunteers who work so hard to make the ride possible. Currently it takes about 100 volunteers to monitor the trail during the ride. There were also 28 radio operators to help ensure rider safety, and pulse and respiration crews along with catered food for riders and horses alike.
The eighth Annual Lake Oroville Vista Endurance Ride will take place on the first Saturday in November 2006.

Results: 50-Mile Top Ten

  1. Kassandra DiMaggio, Buck Mtn Wind Prince (Buck Mountain Bez x Sahara Dawning) 5:47
  2. Gloria Vanderford, BA Resilliance (Salons Brilliance x BA Resume), 5:53
  3. Hugh Vanderford, RA Bar Dar, 5:53
  4. Kim Ison, Tail Spin (Asyet x Tiger Lady), 5:59
  5. Akwai Hinman, Del Viento (Don El Haskim x Lady Windsor), 6:03
  6. Betsy Adamson, Wrianas Destiny (Haute Shan x Tovah Of Wriana), 6:03
  7. Kathie Perry, ARR Heartbreaker (Arribba x Gretna Green), 6:09 BC
  8. Carol Stiles, Khomanche (Nevan x Allah Kheyana), 6:26
  9. Kristine Hartman, FS Amber (Bellbar SHX Gold x Bellbar SHX Lilly), 6:46
  10. Nanci Gabri, Harrley, 6:47

30-Mile Top Ten

  1. Deanna Guinasso, RGR Flashfire (NV Elite x Kkiss Of Fire), 3:52
  2. Barb Eggleston, Rock [Welsh/Quarter Horse], 4:15
  3. Sheila Burres, Sequoia FOA (Red Hawk x *Humorada), 4:16
  4. Karen Deaver, Simeon Shai Zam [Morgan/Saddlebred], 4:16
  5. Colton Deaver, Keako [Morgan/Welsh], 4:17 Junior Rider
  6. Renie Burnett, Czentinel (A Sentry x Czapranka), 4:26 BC
  7. Bonnie Sterling, Willy’s Red Rose, 4:27
  8. Lorne Barger, Dreamy [Arabian /Quarter Horse], 4:30
  9. Tristan Barger, Flash, 4:30, Junior Rider
  10. Jessica Wood, Chester [Saddlebred], 4:32